Creative Writing

The Creative Writing online module offers a choice of three genres: poetry, the short story, and creative non-fiction. The students can choose to take five lessons or ten lessons of the module at Phil Peso 600 (US $12) per lesson. Five lessons will cost Phil Peso 3000 (US $60) and ten lessons will cost Phil Peso 6000 (US $120).

The genre on poetry will deal with imagery, diction, and voice as well as writing exercises to sharpen your ear and eye. We will also read sample poems and study how they give us delight and leave us with wisdom. The result of this module will be 2-3 poems of your own. Five or ten lessons.

The genre on the short story will deal with shape, structure, and style. It will help you with plot, point of view, and voice. We will read sample stories and take them apart to see how they work. There will also be writing exercises to polish your pen and teach the technique of fiction as a dream. The result will be 1-2 story/ stories of your own. Five or ten lessons.

The genre on creative non-fiction will deal with the personal essay, the memoir, and the book or art review. You will dip into your past and produce works that use the techniques of fiction as a dream. We will read sample works, as well as write and edit your own. The result will be 2-3 creative non-fiction of your own. Five or ten lessons.


Unlike other online classes, I offer one-one-one sessions for better comprehension and a higher score in the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT exams. I was educated at the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom and at Rutgers University in the United States. I also taught at the Department of English at Rutgers University, one of the top 15 Departments of English in the USA. I also have a multicultural experience. I lived in the UK, USA, Singapore and Malaysia and worked at the United Nations, where English is the language of communication. Let me open the door so you can reach your dreams.

Review fee for IELTS or TOEFL is Phil Peso 600 (US $12) per lesson. Review fee for 40 comprehensive lessons of SAT is Phil Peso 20000 (US $400).

English & Literature Review

Master your grammar and write with clarity. Know the techniques of effective communication. Read and understand literary texts with a professor with 33 years’ teaching experience in the USA, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Review fee is Phil Peso 600 (US $12) per lesson.

Part of your tuition fees will be donated to social-development projects, including the education of children in Marawi and other depressed areas in the Philippines. Thank you for your help.

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